In Singapore, bowling is a popular pastime among both kids and adults alike, making it a great sport for families to enjoy. There are many different options to fit every budget and skill level: from high-end alleys with all sorts of features like laser tag or video games to budget-friendly places where you can get your heart pumping without going to the gym. 

Here are some of the best places in Singapore for bowling:  

1. K Bowling 

K Bowling is hidden in the heart of the Orchard Road shopping strip, which makes it the perfect place to head out for a night of fun. It has club lights, groovy tunes, bites, and booze for you to enjoy with friends all night long!  You can enjoy rates starting at $11 per game, or try out dart machines, karaoke booths, and old-school arcade games. 

2. Singapore Bowl

If you’re looking for the best bowling lanes in Singapore, Singapore Bowling might be your place! This state-of-the-art bowling alley has 38 lanes decked out in a sleek design that’s well maintained. 

3. Orchid Bowl 

If you’re looking for a fun family outing, Singapore has heaps of alleys for you to knock ‘em pins. But at Orchid Bowl’s Cosmic Bowling sessions, you can double up your bowling shoes as dancing ones in a glow-in-the-dark atmosphere – complete with flashing disco lights and thumping tunes. Oh, and beginners (or little ones) can try their hand at MiniBowl, a miniature version with automated bumpers and lighter bowling balls.  

4. Changi Resort Bowl

The most recent trend in the bowling industry has been to offer more upscale venues with high-end amenities, and Changi Resort Bowl is no exception. With a sleek interior that’s perfect for casual or competitive lanes, this new hangout features coffee tables, sofa seats, and pro lanes with themed scoring systems so you can enjoy your time there whether you’re looking for something low-key or want to get serious about winning. 

This spot also offers open play, cross-lane, and league modes depending on how competitive you feel, so it’s easy to find an option that will suit anyone! 

5. Sonic Bowl

Sonic Bowl is a great place for families because it not only has bowling lanes but also a barbecue pit, bike rentals, rollerblades, KTV rooms, and more! Plus they offer awesome deals like $4.30 per game on bowling lanes which means you can go all out with this one without worrying about spending too much money! You can choose from an array of genres such as 90s rock or Malay pop music. 

Family outings are always more memorable when they include something different than the usual dinner or movie theater trip. And what could be better than an evening spent on the lanes? You’ll be able to enjoy the company of your family while having fun trying to knock down all those pins!


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