SP United - Team building 3-min

Are you on the hunt for the perfect team building venue and programme? 

SuperPark Singapore believes in bonding through the power of play. Our two programmes are specifically designed to connect and engage teams plus help build the rapport they need to slay in the workplace.

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SP United - Team building 6-min


Super Team is our version of the popular show The Amazing Race. It is just as fun and competitive. Groups will have to race and look for clues to win challenges, plus earn additional points competing at our various SuperPark activity stations.

Key Highlights:

  • Boost Team Camaraderie
  • Increase Department Engagement
  • Improve Mental and Physical Health
  • Strengthens communication among the team
  • Emphasise Personality Traits in A Competitive Environment
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SP United - Team building 4-min


Super Builder reinforces the message that communication and collaboration between teams are essential to a company’s success. Teams will need to complete activities at the various SuperPark activity stations to earn “Super Credits” to complete the task.


  • Boosts Trust
  • Prompts Creativity
  • Reinforce Relationship
  • Evokes Energy and Focus
  • Encourages Cross-Functional Cooperation

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